Inspire your customers

in life sciences

Maybe we should
leave the hows and whats
for a moment?
Talk about the why's
of your technology instead?

See what happens.
When we translate
your technology
into passionate,
real-life solutions.

Talk about your drive
as an innovator,
the needs of your customers.
About the problems
that you're solving.

From technological complexity to moving simplicity
As clear as Kopla
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We could be your business developer

Business development is selling a product that does not yet exist to someone that might not know he needs it. Kopla offers broad technology insight, an extensive national and international network and business savvy to kickstart your biotech technologies and products.

Business development portfolio:
Bilthoven Biologicals, Skyline Diagnostics, Pepscan, Kreatech, TNO, MIMETAS, Pepscope
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Building business. From scratch
As clear as Kopla
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We could be your adviser

In early- and later stage companies, business planning requires a combination of knowledge, intuition and confidence. We produce business plans and strategic documents that combine solid content with compelling wording and attractive layout. And we are not afraid to carry out our plans, if necessary.
Business plan portfolio:
A bioinformatics startup, biotechnological startups, service startups, investment proposals.

Startup portfolio:
Pepscope BV - protein profiling
Mimetas BV - organ-on-a-chip technology
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Consultancy with hands and feet
As clear as Kopla
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We could be your marketing manager

Do you want to kickstart your marketing or sharpen your plans and tools? Kopla offers a true one-stop shop. Strategy, concept, design and realisation in one hand. From print to web to presentations. All backed up by indepth market and technology knowledge.
Marketing portfolio:
Octoplus, Bilthoven Biologicals, GenDx, Flesst, Skyline Diagnostics, Westburg, Kreatech, Pepscan, Mimetas
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knowledge + concept + realization = result
As clear as Kopla
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You could look the other way

Or contact us now
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As clear as Kopla
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Founded by Jos Joore
Kopla was founded in 2008 by Jos Joore. Jos is co-founder of the biotech companies Mimetas and Pepscope. He has held executive positions at Skyline Diagnostics (microarray diagnostics), at Pepscan (kinase profiling), Kreatech Biotechnology (protein labeling technologies) and
Westburg (life science tools).
Jos worked as a postdoc on brain development at the Hubrecht Institute and King’s College (London) and holds a cum laude Masters degree in Business Marketing (MBM), a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and a M.Sc. in Biology.
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Kopla is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 30246016
BTW (VAT) no. NL8198.77.037.B01
General terms and conditions:
Management and consultancy
Graphic design and copywriting
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